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Steam Shower Cabins need extra clearance at the top for assembly purposes. Also leave room to allow access to the back for maintenance purposes. There is some height adjustment by the screwed rod connecting through the feet.
Steam Showers are fast becoming the perfect addition to any bathroom. Otherwise known as Steam Rooms, Steam Cabins or Steam Units these technological marvels are now available in a large array of designs and styles that will not only add character to your bathroom but transform the room into a touch of the future.
The Steam Room has been renowned for its healing properties alongside the ability to relax the body and replenish the skin. Until recently we were only able to indulge in such when we were visiting the local fitness centres or spa centres. This in turn led to the invention of the Steam Shower a self contained unit that provides the benefit of steam from a small steam generator. This has then been enhanced by introducing other factors such as massage systems, for feet and body alongside chromo therapy lighting that enables the mind to relax from a range of mood enhancing coloured lights.

These are just some of the health benefits found within these amazing systems. Also you have the additional features for those who like to indulge in the benefit of remote control gadgets. These include hands free telephone, radio, television, CD and MP3 player input, stereo speakers and much more. Without doubt when you purchase a Steam Shower you will no longer be spending 5 minutes for a quick wash, you will be enjoying a full body detox from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Our selection of Steam Showers have been carefully sourced for their high quality and hardwearing properties. Each of our Steam Shower enclosures are created with tempered glass and a strong acrylic compound structure for durability backed by a full 12 months parts guarantee. Allowing you the peace of mind that the Steam Shower you purchase will last you for many years.

We have put together a large selection of different sizes and styles allowing you to choose the perfect Steam Shower unit for your bathroom. For those of you who enjoy the occasional bath we have introduced a collection of Steam Shower enclosures with built in bathtubs. These Steam Shower Baths come with all the refinements found in our entire Steam Shower range but with the addition of a Bath. And for those who truly love to indulge in the bathing experience you are able to upgrade the Steam Shower Baths with a Whirlpool Bath system. No matter what your preferences may be we are capable of accommodating for all your needs.

With over 1000 Steam Shower units kept on site within our massive warehouses you can be reassured that when you purchase one of our Steam Showers, Steam Shower Baths or Steam Rooms you will receive the item within a matter of days and not weeks.

So give us a call today this could be the best purchase you have ever made!